The Brief Introduction of GISE

The Graduate Institute of Science Education (GISE) was established in 1987 in the National Changhua University of Education (NCUE). Previous organization of GISE was the department of science education which set up mathematics, physics, biology, and chemical groups. In 1981, after approved by the Ministry of Education, each group transformed into the independent science departments, respectively. In order to improve the teaching level of the mathematics/ science teachers in secondary school, integrate with the resource of the four science departments, and engage in promotion and the research of scientific education, GISE constructed the master program to achieve the goal and to meet the demand. In addition, the PhD program was set up in 1993. At present, GISE has cultivated a lot of excellent mathematics/ science teachers for several decades. These teachers not only help students to alleviate the difficulty of mathematics/ scientific learning, but also have a very significant contribution in mathematics/ science education research in Taiwan. The characteristics of GISE programs are following as: (1) Constructing learning and teaching theories; (2) Developing science/mathematics teacher professional development programs; (3) Establishing science/mathematics learning assessment modes; (4) Promoting science/mathematics teaching research and the dissemination of its results. In addition, the strategies of GISE programs are following as: (1) Proposing integrated research projects; (2) Integrating theories and practices; (3) Establishing an instructional research center; (4) Developing e-learning environments and learning strategies; (5) Integrating technology into science/mathematics teaching, learning, and assessment; (6) Promoting action research to improve the quality of and to coordinate the relationship between universities and K-12 schools.

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